One of the greatest determiners of your happiness in life is the person you chose to marry. This magical, spiritual and love-filled choice of a forever partner should be reflected in your wedding ceremony.

This means, that the special individual who conducts your wedding, who sets the tone, who provides caring oversight to the cadence of the flow, who officiates your ceremony  is of prime importance.

After all, weddings are not simply a chance to celebrate the union of two lovers, but to give honor and thanks to the One who brought you together. Marriage is a deeply spiritual experience, and one that needs to be valued as such in ways that are comfortable, open and inclusive for your guests in celebration of what God has done in making two lives, one.

My name is Reverend Chris Yaw, ThM, MDiv. And my passion is bringing couples together in Christian marriage. In my 20 years of ordained ministry I’ve celebrated dozens of weddings domestically and internationally. I find few things as satisfying as bringing peace and calm to an admittedly stressful day, and allowing the light and joy of Christ to shine through two lovely people, enjoyed and celebrated.

I am happy to orchestrate themed weddings, same-gender weddings, and destination weddings. My services also include pre-marital counseling which helps deepen your relationship and offers the precious opportunity to create a bespoke ceremony weaving in your relationship story, family history, faith, and future dreams.

I truly love getting to know the couples that I have the privilege of marrying. Do not be surprised if we become longtime friends. This is more than a job for me, it is a vocation, a sacred calling to witness and to bless one of life's most sacred moments.

Please review my website for additional details, reviews, and rates. And if you sense that we are a good match, drop me a line, I would love to meet you and help you in your journey.

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