$1,500 for the ceremony, rehearsal, and pre-marital counseling sessions.

Travel fee when warranted, $500/day plus travel expenses.

Backup Plans:

I have relationships with clergy colleagues that ensure that if medical issues or another emergency should arise and I am unable to perform your ceremony, your wedding is guaranteed to have an officiant.


We will meet 4 times, including your rehearsal, before the ceremony. We can meet via zoom and/or in person. You are welcome to meet me at my church in Metro Detroit and in most cases I am happy to travel to you.

Here’s an outline of our sessions.

1) Introductions and Expectations

We will talk about you, what you are looking for in your wedding and marriage. We will talk about how we can best prepare you not just for your wedding, but your marriage. Following this session I will invite you to take the Prepare | Enrich marriage inventory.

2) Honing Your Relationship

We will discuss the readings and reflections you’ve had since our last session. We will go over your marriage inventory.

3) Relationship Dynamics | Ceremony Design

We will finish up our marriage inventory work and go through the ceremony, designing something just for you. This includes selecting music, balancing participation, choreography, etc.

In most cases, at your Rehearsal I’d like you to bring your marriage license (in most cases you’ll have to obtain this from the county of residence within 30 days of your wedding date) and we’ll sign it, except for me – I’ll wait until the marriage is finalized. I will then mail it to the appropriate county authority.

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