Ellie and Chris

"From the moment we asked Fr Chris to marry us, to the “I now pronounce you Man and Wife” moment, we were thrilled with our decision to have him officiate our wedding. 

Step One was counseling. We had planned on this as well and Fr Chris offered some do-at-home tasks in addition: Question and Answer games to entice deep conversations about real life situations. He made it fun and he made it meaningful. We continue learning about ourselves and each other today. Step Two was the ceremony. Churches, temples and society all have traditional ideas of what the ceremony should be. Our ideas were different. Within those restraints, 

Fr Chris made our ceremony very personal and just a bit outside the box. Step Three is follow-through. The several hours that fly by on wedding day are only a flash of what marriage is. The lessons learned prior, the inquisitive discussions later, and an always open ear make our relationship with each other a growing process. 

Fr Chris always shows interest in how we are doing as a couple and on our own. I can’t say enough how thrilled we are that Fr. Chris personally took care of the spiritual, (and some of the legal) parts of our wedding."

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